GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review: Pros & Cons of Using GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest “web services” companies. Although they were founded as a domain registrar, they provide a whole range of services from web hosting to website builders accounting to email to digital storage to online security and much more.

Over the years, you’ve probably seen GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials, GoDaddy girls all around the internet, and most recently their “Helping Small Business” commercials. They have brand recognition if nothing else.

With the popularity of using WordPress for setting up websites, GoDaddy has made a big product push for their “WordPress Hosting” product.

They are a stable and dependable company that is likely to be around for some time. In addition to their domain registration and web hosting products, they offer services to help you with online marketing, security, and protection. Their products are well-documented, and they boast 24/7 customer service availability just in case you run into any issues.

Prices are variable, depending on the plans and options you choose. You can opt to purchase just a domain name from GoDaddy, or you can splurge for all of the bells and whistles: profession site development, cloud storage, dedicated hosting, a complete set of e-commerce tools, and so on. Because GoDaddy manages all of these features, you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.


In 1997, Bob Parsons launched a company called Jomax Technologies. In 1999, some of the staff were brainstorming new names for Jomax. One idea was Big Daddy except that had already been registered. Bob Parsons suggested GoDaddy and that was available so it was bought and the company was renamed. It stood out because people smiled when they heard it.

The company’s goal from the beginning was to provide people with an affordable, simple way to put their ideas online. GoDaddy has over 59 million registered domains and 13 million+ customers worldwide.

Today the company is the largest registrar of domain names and hosting on the planet and they have approx. 4000 employees. GoDaddy is well-known for the various celebrity spokespeople who represent the company. They advertise at the Super Bowl and sponsor NASCAR, among other things.

GoDaddy has purchased numerous other companies over the years. They have been businesses dealing with software, media, email marketing, Media Temple (a smaller hosting company) and a few more. The acquisition of these companies has helped to strengthen and enable even more growth of GoDaddy’s already huge web presence.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Web or “Regular” Hosting

Here’s the thing. The entire industry move to “WordPress Hosting” services is kind of a weird, confusing, maddening mess. I’ve written an entire post on Web Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting, Explained – but here’s the short version.

  1. WordPress is simply software that can run on any Linux server with PHP (aka “regular shared hosting).
  2. Again – WordPress can (and does) run just fine on web hosting.
  3. WordPress does use some server resources at an above average rate and others at a lower rate.
  4. WordPress also has very predictable problems & needs. It needs to be regularly updated. Some plugins create temporary security vulnerabilities.
  5. So – hosting companies saw an opportunity to create whole clusters of servers with onlyWordPress websites.
  6. Since they were all together, they could also provide dedicated support and some add-on services at a cost-effective rate.
  7. Hence, “WordPress Hosting” plans were created – which added a further opportunity for marketers & pricing specialists.

For some companies, WordPress Hosting plans became a way to increase revenue and decrease costs with little value-added. For other companies, WordPress Hosting plans became a way to create a huge value-add to differentiate from competitors and pass the cost savings to customers. For other companies – it was a mix. And in the end, it’s been thoroughly confusing for everyone.

GoDaddy has numerous services that cater to the small business owner or internet entrepreneur who wants a one-stop shop to:

  • Get a new website or online store
  • Get a domain
  • Get SEO provided for you
  • Be found in local search
  • Get social media marketing help
  • Get online bookkeeping squared away
  • Get a business phone number and have it forwarded to a personal cellphone, and make calls with your personal cellphone’s number masked as your business number
  • And, of course, get web hosting,

To help you find out more about GoDaddy, this review takes you through what makes the company a great web host and also discusses the various areas where it loses to its competition.

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