A2 Hosting Review 2019 – Pros & Cons of Using A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is not the most popular web hosting provider, though A2 Hosting is by far the most Reliable and are widely recognized for their excellent up-time rates among all shared hosting ! For better emphasize of quality of hosting services, A2 Hosting has won a total of 22 awards; which is pretty outstanding considering they haven’t been on the market for as long as some of their competitors. If you are a pro blogger who are blogging on tech niche and getting high real time traffic then A2 hosting is the best for you. There are some of the reasons why I say this.

Overall, A2 web hosting plans cover an array of hosting platforms and cater to both Windows and Linux users – which, again, is more than what can be said about their competitors! So, how is it that A2 Hosting hasn’t managed to gage the same reputable status as their competitors? Could it be lack of publicity or reviews, who knows!? Regardless of the matter, we think their services are worth reviewing!

Pros of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the most versatile and reliable options available in the web hosting industry. They offer a little something for everyone, so let’s take a moment to focus on what A2 Hosting can offer for you at best price.

1. Developer Friendly

A2 Hosting supports multiple platforms as well as numerous developer tools, including multiple versions of PHP, several different programming languages, MySQL, Apache and more.

2. Wide Variety of Plans

A2 Hosting is a conventional web host, so they have something for everyone, whether you’re a first-time blogger who needs a cheap hosting plan, a developer managing several client sites or a large business.

3. Security

A2 Hosting protects yourself from malware with a totally free HackScan tool. They also have KernelCare for rebootless kernel updates, brute force defense, dual firewalls and more.

4. Support

A2 Hosting offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year via phone, live chat and a ticket system.

5. Money-Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting already offers a generous 30-day, money-back guarantee, and they’ll also refund you after 30 days for any months you haven’t used in your hosting plan, yet.

Cons of A2 Hosting

As every coin has two side so does A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is a wonderful host, but it does have its faults. Let’s take a look at them.

1. No Details on Server Capabilities

Selection of  hosting plan can be difficult with A2 Hosting, especially if you have an existing site you need to travel or expect to grow quickly. This is because the sale pages for these plans do not feature information on how much traffic each plan can handle. All they feature are information on the hardware and software available with each plan, which can make it difficult to make an educated and informed purchase decision.

2. Who is This Host for?

This host is technically for everyone, but it’s definitely geared toward developers or those who like to tinker. It’s also great for bloggers or small-sized business owners who don’t mind getting their hands dirty with code and tech. It’s not completely technical, but it may be over the heads of inexperienced users.

If you’re an amateur blogger or business owner who needs an alternative to other popular WordPress hosts or a professional developer, be sure to check out this host yourself to truly see what they have to offer.


A2 Hosting doesn’t stack up overall against other more specialized hosts like Digital Ocean, AWS and Siteground. However, A2 hosting is reliable and cheap web hosting. If you are looking for a host that,

  • Integrates well with domain names that you own on GoDaddy or NameCheap etc.
  • Is cheap, branded, reliable, and supported .
  • Has a great support and higher real time capacity.

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